Helpful tips on how to Keep Pets Safe during Autumn

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Helpful tips on how to Keep Pets Safe during Autumn

I thought that your readers would benefit from my Helpful tips on how to Keep Pets Safe during Autumn – Whenever autumn’s period draws near, pet owners are tensed, unsure of what lies ahead for their pets’ health and safety, most especially when the clocks go back. So, as the night approaches, we bring you some helpful tips that will ensure your pet is safe and free from health challenges during this autumn. Follow them and you would be glad you did.

The Impact on every pet

  • As much as pets are concerned, variations in seasons are capable of causing aching joints, breathing issues and changes in skin conditions, including allergies. During this time, you are obliged to carefully monitor and followed up on your pet’s health, and by any means you noticed any unusual or significant change in health, seek advice and help from a veterinary physician.


  • Avoid using slog pellets in your flowerbeds and pots as they are poisonous and deadly to all pets. If your pet by mistake or unknowingly consumes any of them, the immediate result could be fitting, twitching, diarrhea, excessive panting, vomiting, muscular tremor, difficulties in walking, hypothermia and many more dangerous symptoms. If you noticed any of this signs, take your pet to the nearest vet as quickly as possible.


  • Similar to slug pellets in effect and characters are screen wash and anti-freeze. Therefore, if you are preparing your vehicle for the upcoming winter, let this be at the back of your mind that anti-freeze and screen wash are dangerous, and always remember that an anti-freeze and screen wash contain a highly palatable substance which is very appealing to pets. So, take every diligence in keeping them away from your pets.


  • During autumn, rodents are encouraged to seek warmer and conducive shelter, therefore be sure not leave any rodenticides in sheds or garages or in places where they can be accessible by your pets. If they get to them and eat them, the result can be fatal.


  • Now every successive year is witnessing longer fireworks, which can be a stressful and telling period on your pet and others in one way or the other.


  • The autumn period brings an increase in ticks and fleas, and it gets to the peak especially when people start turning on their heating systems. When this is the case, ensure that you check your pet’s coat and make use of tick and flea control devices to remove any thick found in the coat or skin of your pet.

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

  • If your pets include guinea pigs or rabbits, this is the right time to start making plans for their location in preparation for the cold months ahead. It would be better to move them into your shed or garage if you have one or both. If you are not going to be keeping away from the cold, then you have to get off cuts of carpet or spare blankets and use them as insulation materials to protect your pet’s hutch from the cold, Alternatively you could purchase a Hutch cover these can be made in ether standard or thermal materials.


  • Make sure you never use electric blankets or hot water-bottles as they have the potentials to burn your little furry pet. You can incorporate additional bedding’s or materials to make them cozy and warm.


  • A small amount of hay can be added to the usual feed in order to accelerate their calories intake since they do not hibernate in the same way like other animals.


  • Since autumn is mostly chilling and freezing, water bottles can get frozen easily, but this can be avoided by wrapping them in bubble wrap or alternatively purchase a bottle snuggler.


  • Due to the colder months, most cats stay indoor and by so doing, they get less exercise. In this case, adjust their food intake properly to prevent them from getting excessive weight inimical to their health, and ensure fresh water is always available.


  • If you have a cat that loves going outside during the autumn, try as much as possible to ensure she doesn’t stay out for too long, especially when the weather is around freezing limits.


  • Check you’re pet very well and look out for frostbite. Look at the earlobes, footpads, and tail, and if they look glossy, pale or white; quickly take them to the vet.


  • Save your cats from potentially harmful burns by keeping them away from exposed heaters and fire place.


  • Whenever you are driving out, check under your car or simply blow the horn or bang the bonnet heavily before moving the vehicle, since cats are fond of lying between tires and under vehicles.


  • Keep you anti-freeze lock and secure from cats as they are the most inclined to eat them.


  • Prepare a warm and cozy place with soft bedding for your cat to stay and sleep on. Make sure it is completely free from drafts plus you can decide to lift the bed off the ground as they love it better this way.


  • If you have a dog as a pet, you must ensure it gets regular exercise and adequate access to the outdoors he was enjoying during the summer. Lack of exercises and mental stimulation can result in behavioral Dogs getting less exercise during the autumn are prone to droppings in fitness levels


  • Whenever you chose to work your dog after work or in the morning, get a good and durable jacket for yourself and get a reflective lead and collar for your dog. For the sake of security, you can also acquire tiny flashing lights and attached them to your dog’s collar so that, when they run away from the lead, you can easily see where he or she is located, especially when she stops to poo! The light blinkers are available in different colors, which is better if you have more than one dog.


  • Purchase a highly innovative, quality touch with a good range or a superb headlight which ensure you can still use your hands when need be.


  • Let your own personal safety comes first whenever you are walking your dog. Always make you walk your dog through an area that is well lighted or simply walk side by side with another or other person or groups of dog owners.


  • During this period when walking your dog, try not to make use of your earphone, taking or making calls with your mobile phone because a moment of distraction can expose you more.


  • When going out, be sure to tell someone where you are going when you are expecting to return. Take your mobile phone along in the event you need to call someone and don’t forget to always follow a path that you know and trust.

Other unique ways you can exercise your Dog includes;

  • One sure way to ensure your dog gets the much-needed exercise that’s good for her health is by playing scent games with him or her. This means placing some dog food in the garden or in the parlor behind trees or shelves and make the process easy for him at first, allowing him to find them, after which you can increase the level of difficulties until he gets excited and frequent in it.


  • Put all or some of its food in a treat dispensing ball or Kong.


  • Buy your dog some good interactive dog puzzle toys and feels the holes with dog treats that are safe and healthy for your dog’s health. After that, let the dog loose to search for the treats by lifting up and going through the toys.


  • Locate and signed up for practice and training classes at home.


  • Don’t forget that when your dog isn’t getting the full exercise needed; make sure to adjust and regulate his food to prevent him from gaining excess weight. The same method is applicable if you are employing increased training using treats as a reward.


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