Husse wet dog food is one of the world’s leading dog foods for helping to promote a healthy lifestyle for pets.

Their wet dog foods contain the highest quality, selective ingredients and only use the best, freshest meat chunks. Besides Husse’s guarantee of the highest quality products, their dog food products boast the tastiest delights for your pet and are tailor made for dogs in all stages of life:

Puppies – Made for pups as well as pregnant or nursing dogs.

Husse’s dry food is not only high in protein, but is complete with all the essential nutrients required for growing dogs.

Adult dogs – Husse’s range of premium and Super premium wet dog food offers a complete range for both active and less active dogs, containing all the required nutrients to support their perfect lifestyle.

Senior dogs – We all need a little extra help in our senior years and dog’s are no exception.

Being low in fat, light and with all the nutrients. Husse offers the perfect food for dogs with a less active lifestyle.