If you are looking for the best dog cooling bandanas, Pet World 365 is the place to call. Our range of keep cool dog bandanas are both stylish and very easy to use. We have excellent keep cool bandanas for dogs that are tailored to keep your dog cool no matter the hotness of the weather.

Pet World 365 selection of keep cool dog bandanas features a high-quality design that makes them be environmentally and user-friendly.  Our dog bandanas are brilliant and extremely suitable for all indoor and outdoor – weather before, during and after – walking, car travel, boat sailing or just lying down in the garden.

When you buy dog cooling bandanas from Pet World 365, you will be treating your dog to a cool and soft feel to the touch.  They are also lightweight very breathable, comfortable and extremely durable. This type of dog cooling bandana by Keepcool do not drip. 

Unbeatable material design

One of the most unique things about Pet World 365 dog bandanas is the quality of the material they are made with. Each and every one of our dog cooling bandanas features a unique and highly reliable micro-porous material construction that you can easily activate using water. As the material inputs moisture into the product, it enhances the ability of the controlled evaporation from the micro-porous material to cool down your dog, in a way that is far better than the air outside. Another good aspect of it is that while carrying out this function, it doesn’t wet your dog at all. Dog cooling bandanas by Keepcool are always the best in the market.

Super Absorbent functionality

If what you are looking for is dog bandanas that absorbs super fast, you have found it. All DOG BANDANNAS BY KEEPCOOL absorbs 6 times faster than any other material while also holding 100 percent more water better than all other materials out there.

These Keepcool dog bandanas are easy to use. Just soak them in water for few minutes and lightly rinse them. Our dog cooling bandanas by Keepcool warm for up to four hours at and beyond the temperature of more than 30 degree Celsius, even on a typical summer’s day. You can even make the cooling effect to last for extended hours with a bottle or a hose.

Is your dog ill? The Pet World 365 dog bandanas have been tried and tested to be effective in assisting dogs suffering from breathing problems. These keep cool dog bandanas has helped in relieving stress, moderating breathing and preventing abnormal panting. 

A thermal imagery devise was used in testing the keep cool bandanas for dogs shows that the cool bandana and cool mat will assist a dog that is already overheated to reduce and bring its temperature to normal within 5 to 10 minutes. These truly wonderful products will enhance the health of your dog during the summer.   

Our keep cool dog bandanas has also witnessed extensive used by government agencies, obedience, fly-ball teams,  top show dogs, agility training, and more.

If you are looking for the best keep cool dog bandanas in the market, Pet World 365 has got you covered.

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