The original dog cooling coat that will keep your dog cool on the hottest of days

Features & Specifications of “Keep Cool Dog Coats”

  • Made from synthetic microporous material
  • Super absorbent—6 times faster
  • 100% water holding and cooling effect
  • Cool for up to 4 hours
  • Works under extreme temperature (30 C) and more
  • Usable 24/7
  • Reduces overheated temperature within 5-10 minutes

KeepCool Dog Coats – Water Activated, Evaporative Cooling

Protecting your dog with super cooling effects

The summer heat can be very unbearable at times, and not all breeds can withstand the heat like some others would. And come to think of it; in spite of the heat, dogs still need to undergo their routine exercise. With KeepCool Dog Coats, your dog can stay cool and happily refreshed for hours.

Our Keep Cool Dog Coats are stylishly designed, featuring the best microporous and 100% synthetic material. The dog cooling coats we offer are water-activated and are especially famous for agility owners that come handy after their agility class.

Once activated by water, the KeepCool Dog cooling coats stay dry and light to the touch.  The water used in activating the material create moisture within it, which in turn allows the capillary action of the material and its controlled evaporation to cool down your dog far better than the air outdoor, without wetting them.

The texture of the material is soft and lovely, making them comfortable and luxurious for your dog.

 Amazing absorption performance

One thing that set the KeepCool Dog Coats from a host of others is their high-absorbent performance. The synthetic materials used in making all keep cool dog coats absorb water and moisture 6 times faster than any other material you can think of.

How Do They Work?

Using our dog cooling coats is as simple as taking a walk in the park. You only need to immerse your keep cool dog coats in cool water for just a few minutes and then squeeze out the excess water in a gentle manner to ensure the coat doesn’t drip water. After that, place it on your dog and watch the cooling effect taking place.  

All our dog cooling coats have undergone trials and tested to ensure the best performance –cooling your dog up to 4 hours. They can work under extreme temperatures such as 30 degree Celsius, and much more while you preserve the ability to elongate the cooling effect after some hours using a hose or a water bottle.

All KeepCool coats for dogs are designed to assist dogs that find it difficult to breathe under heat conditions. Our dog cooling coats have successfully passed the thermal imagery test, confirming their ability to cool down already overheated dogs—normalizing their temperatures within 5-10 minutes of use.

When your KeepCool coat for dogs dry out, the material will start going back to its natural form; becoming a bit stiff and slightly drier. In that case, simply reactivate your dog cooling coats by adding water to it.

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