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How to get started

Step 1 – Visit Bella And Duke by clicking Below

Step 2 – Fill out a very simple form

Step 3 – Pay At the Bella And Duke Checkout *** Dont Forget to use Coupon code PETWORLD365 To get 20% OFF Your Order.

Step 4 – Your Dogs Raw food is quickly delivered to your door frozen.

Step 5 – Defrost, Feed And see the difference

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Complete Chicken Meal

Chicken & Chicken Bones 75%, Tripe 10%, Carrot, Butternut Squash, Green Leaf, Raspberries, Blueberries, Salmon Oil, Kelp

Product Typical Analysis Moisture 67.6% Protein 15.8% Fat 11.2% Inorganic Matter 2.9% Fibre 0.8% Calcium 0.85% Phosphorous 0.48% Sodium 0.11%

Quick Guide To Prices

***Dont forget to enter coupon code PETWORLD365 Whilst at the Bella And Duke Checkout to get 20% OFF Your 1st order.

 Size Cost per Tray 500g Cost Per kg
 4kg (8 trays) £24.99 £3.12 £6.25
 8kg (16 trays) £36.99 £2.31 £4.62
 12kg (24 trays) £46.99 £1.96 £3.92
 16kg (32 trays) £57.99 £1.81 £3.62
 20kg (40 trays) £68.99 £1.72 £3.45


How it Works

Step 1

Handpicked just for your dog

Because every dog is different we deliver food based On Their Weight & Activity Levels. Plus You Are In Control Of The Size And Frequency of Deliveries. We put a variety of meals in each box and you can choose to exclude the ones you never want. We will mix up the meals throughout the year as dogs would never eat the same food in the wild every day.

Step 2

Delivered To Your Door

Never run out of high quality dog food again. We know when you are running low and will deliver your next box before you run out.

Step 3

Defrost, Feed & See The Difference

Our meals come in airtight boxes with lids for easy defrosting and storage, it only takes 24 hrs to defrost in your fridge and has a 4 day shelf life when kept in the fridge.


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