Fish skin trimmings for Dogs
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These humongous protein rich FISH SKIN MIGHTY BARS are complete blocks of fishy goodness. Made from 100% fish skins, naturally air-dried and pressed into giant long lasting chews for your dog to gnaw and enjoy. Responsibly fished from sustainable sources, and handcrafted with care in our Grimsby factory, they’re completely free from any artificial additives or preservatives – the perfect healthy treat!

They’re not only low in fat and packed full of high quality, easily digestible proteins; they’re also a rich source of Omega 3 which is important for your dogs health and well-being, promoting healthy joints, coats, skin, heart, eyes and weight! Omega 3 also aids in brain development, helping focus, memory and behavior.

Our Mighty Bars act as a great toothbrush, exfoliating and cleaning away the plaque and tartar as your dogs gnaws away in bliss!

Because this is a natural product, colour and size may vary slightly.

Wheat-Gluten Free + Hypoallergenic.

Skippers – Premium Pet Food That’s Great for Your Dog

With a wide variety of healthy dog treats in stock, you can pick and choose from a large range of snacks, meaning that you’ll always be able to surprise your pet with something new and delicious to try. In addition to our wide range, we uphold an all-natural-ingredients policy that means that all of our fish treats are made from sustainable sourced UK waters, and that they are free of all artificial flavorings, colours, e-numbers and additives.

Ultimately, we want to offer your dog a selection of treats that are good for the oceans and good for your dog, so we take pride in crafting only the finest premium pet food, and your dog will certainly appreciate it. With premium dog food at affordable prices. Your pocket is sure to appreciate it too.

FISH SKIN MIGHTY BARS Are Homemade Dog Treats Produced in the UK

In addition to the careful way that we prepare our dry dog food treats, we do all of the manufacturing itself right here in the UK. This means that unlike other pet food products that are made overseas and shipped in, we’re helping to bring manufacturing back to the UK.

So if you want to support local business, as well as give your dog some delicious and healthy snacks, browse our wide selection of dried fish treats – your dog is bound to love them.

We’re big believers in putting your dog’s happiness and health first.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a varied range of delicious, nutritious treats made from fish for dogs.

We’re confident that not only will your dog find all of our dry dog food treats tasty, they’ll also receive a number of health benefits that are sure to give your pet a long, healthy life.

All our dried fish skin treats are 100% natural, FISH SKIN MIGHTY BARS are perfect for a dog’s dietary nutritional requirements and offer excellent levels of Omega 3 oils, there’s nothing better than natural when it comes to a lean source of protein.

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