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Friendly poop bags made of corn starch Eco 50 bags/roll

Made from corn starch, our Plocka poop bags are particularly durable and an excellent alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags – a great choice for all responsible animal lovers!

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Biodegradable bags for biowaste

These poop bags are safe for the environment as they are certified compostable and biodegradable with the following quality marks:

  • OK, COMPOST HOME certificate (certification body TÜV Austria Belgium) – products with this label are allowed to be deposited on the compost heap in your garden at home (please be aware that you cannot use this compost on edible plants as pathogens could remain) and also in the bio-waste bin (*).
  • SEEDLING QUALITY MARK – means that the product is certified as industrially compostable according to the European standard EN 13432. A product marked with this logo is ideally disposed of in the organic waste collection. However, if no separate collection of organic waste is available, the product might be disposed of in the residual waste bin (*).

(*) More detailed information on regional specifications can be obtained from the respective municipalities or waste management authorities.

Dimensions: 21 x 31cm. Thickness: 18 microns. Colour: Milky white. Scent free; without drawstring.

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