Wet vs Dry Cat Food – The Ongoing Debate as to Which is Best?

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Wet vs Dry Cat Food – The Ongoing Debate as to Which is Best?

It’s up there with some of the greatest debates and divided opinions that have afflicted the human race since the dawn of time, among cat owners – one of the most hotly contested and fought is that of which type of cat food is better – wet or dry food? Does it even matter?

In this article we are going to try and sort this one out for good and put to bed what is a hot topic amongst feline lovers.

First up – what do cats need to eat to be healthy?

Unlike dogs who are omnivorous and can digest animal and vegetable proteins without problem, cats unfortunately cannot do this and can ONLY digest and benefit from animal based proteins, 100% carnivores. It’s that amino acid called Taurine, found in the muscle of animal meat that cats need to thrive and be healthy.

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So based on this basic fact, surely wet cat food is the winner as this contains the chunks of meat that our cats need, right?

Whilst wet food is indeed a good, staple choice for cats because of this – it’s not the complete picture and still does not necessarily mean that wet food alone is a better choice for your cat than dry food.


Like everything in life, the best quality of one thing can easily usurp the worst quality of another thing. Same goes with cat food – if you insist on buying bargain, smart price cat food from your local supermarket then this can apply here also.

The nutritional content of such cat food can vary greatly along with meat content etc, sometimes greatly! So in these circumstances – higher quality dry food will contain more of your cat’s required daily nutrient intake than the cheaper wet food. So please bear this in mind!

Dry Food

Often an easy option as you can leave a bowl of this stuff out all day for your cat to munch on whilst you are not around – and there is nothing wrong with this at all. Using dry food to supplement your cat’s main wet food diet is great.

However problems can arise if you only give your cat a dry food diet. Dehydration is one!

Yep, cats are notoriously bad for drinking and keeping themselves hydrated so having wet food meals at main meal times allows your cat to stay hydrated more easily. Dehydrated cats on a chronic level can lead to Renal Failure and Urinary Crystals (see our range of Husse dry cat food for sensitivities for urinary conditions)

Also, cats on a dry food only diet have also been proven to be more prone to obesity and diabetes than cats who eat wet food. This is partly due to their being more carbs in dry food.

Wet Food

Ok, case closed – wet food is obviously the better choice for my cat right?

Not necessarily.

As mentioned before, cheap bargain basement wet food will be worse for your pet overall than quality dry food (nutritional value is key here)


Looking at all the evidence, it is clear that wet food is far better for your cat’s long term health – BUT – it has to be of a certain quality so that your cat is getting all of the daily nutrition he/she needs. Check with your pet store/vet if unsure and need advice.

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