What is Husse Cat Food and Why is it So Good?

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What is Husse Cat Food and Why is it So Good?

The Husse pet food brand was created back in Sweden in 1987, with a vision to offer very high quality pet food that promotes a healthy lifestyle for pets and puts this as the driving factor behind everything they do and produce.

Since then, the Husse brand has spread in popularity all over the world and with approx. 1000 franchisees serving over a quarter of a million customers globally. Pretty impressive stuff!

Quality Cat Food

Husse cat food is pretty much everything you’d expect from the optimum food your cat can get. Being made only of the highest quality ingredients, 100% GMO free – these foods truly are the de facto standard to give your cat a super healthy lifestyle.

It’s not secret that cats need a varied amount of nutrients, amino acids, soluble fatty acids and proteins to stay healthy.

Husse cat foods pride themselves on ticking all of the boxes as far as balanced diet is concerned, so let’s take a loot at some of their main products and look under the hood to see why:

Husse wet cat food

Wet cat food is super important for your cat’s wellbeing as not only do they get their daily water intake from it, but also the all-important meat proteins that they need.

Needless to say – the higher quality the meat in the food, the better off your cat will be. Husse cut no corners here and offer the highest quality meat selections in their wet foods with a generous range to choose from as well, such as Rabbit, Chicken, Turkey, Beef – as well as all of the good fish meats of Mackerel, Tuna, Fisk, Salmon. The whole lot!

Husse dry cat food

Whilst dry foods should never replace wet food completely in your cat’s diet, it is a good supplement between official mealtimes. Husse go above and beyond with their Husse dry cat food range, offering super high quality proteins mixed in with other tasty flavours to get your cat loving it.

Offerings include Chicken & potato and Lamb & Rice to name but a few, with pretty much every type of cat sensitivity catered for – whether it be low fat, gluten free, sensitive digestive systems, urinary problems etc. Whatever your cat needs the most, Husse provide it! Hands down one of the biggest ranges that we’ve seen from a pet food brand.


Husse cat food has a truly huge range to choose from and has something for cats of all health sensitivities. Their attention to only putting the highest quality ingredients in their products along with creating sumptuous flavours that any cat will go mad for – really makes this brand one to check out. We recommend it here at PetWorld365!

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