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best cat breeds

Which cat breed is the most affectionate?

When setting out to find the right cat for you and your home, one of the most popular questions is – which cat breed is the […]
My Cats Behaviour When Moving House Is Odd Whats Wrong

My Cats Behaviour When Moving House Is Odd – What’s Wrong?

Everyone knows that moving home is a big stressful deal, but it is also a HUGE deal for your cat as well. In fact, your cats […]
All a new cat owner needs

Cat Care 101: All A New Cat Owner Needs!

Being a new cat owner you are probably over the moon and nervous all at the same time – how the heck do you look after […]

What is Husse Cat Food and Why is it So Good?

The Husse pet food brand was created back in Sweden in 1987, with a vision to offer very high quality pet food that promotes a healthy […]

What Actually Makes a Healthy Cat Food?

Everyone wants the best for their cat, but how do we know if we are giving them the correct diet? How do we make sure we […]

Wet vs Dry Cat Food – The Ongoing Debate as to Which is Best?

It’s up there with some of the greatest debates and divided opinions that have afflicted the human race since the dawn of time, among cat owners […]